7 food cravings and what they really mean for your body

Some days you have a sweet tooth, and other days you have a hankering for something salty. But if you're craving any of the foods or drinks below, think twice before popping them into your mouth, because your body actually wants something completely different! It's all about deciphering the signals your brain is sending out and understanding what you're actually craving so that you can give your body the proper nourishment it needs.

1. Carbohydrates

Fancy a dish of pasta for dinner? Your body really doesn't. Your craving for carbs may be due to a lack of amino acids. Grab salmon, nuts, or beans instead when you’re out shopping for groceries.

2. Caffeinated Beverages

Ah, coffee. The closest quick fix for any stressful situation — but wait! A sudden craving for a caffeinated beverage is your body crying out for sulfur or iron. Have some red peppers, eggs, garlic, onions, or black cherries instead. They're much better for you!

3. Fried Foods

Put those french fries down! Because this is what your body REALLY wants: Healthy fat. Yep, you read that right — there are some fats that are good for our bodies. They can be found in cheese, yogurt, shrimp, fish, broccoli, and even orange juice. Healthy and delicious!

4. Alcohol

Feel like you need a pint to cope with the stress? The real reason for that craving lies hidden in your body.  You could be lacking minerals like potassium or calcium. Instead of getting drunk, why not try eating: steak, black olives, or bananas?

5. Carbonated Beverages

Do you want a carbonated drink, like soda, with your food? You might think you do, but your body really doesn’t. Your craving for carbonated beverages means your body is low on calcium. Try a vegetable smoothie with spinach, radish, celery, and almonds. It’ll give you the energy boost you need.

6. Salty Snacks

Salty potato chips are beloved by many couch potatoes, but not by our bodies. What your body really wants is food containing sodium. Try cashew nuts for your TV snack. Like chips, they're crunchy and fun to chew too!

7. Chocolate

Finally, the most seductive food of all — chocolate. Don’t give into temptation, your body actually wants something else. It wants magnesium, B vitamins, or essential fatty acids. How about eating grapes, cabbage, meat, or nuts? A bowl of fresh cabbage salad sounds great!

Your body has been sending you encrypted messages all along! Share this secret hack to decode food cravings with your friends!


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