DIY Furniture For The Hallway: Create A Coat Rack From Forks

Knives, forks, scissors — these are all things you want to keep out the reach of small children. But with a little bit of effort, you can turn sharp things that children shouldn't touch into a unique piece of homemade furniture — well, when it comes to the forks anyway. See for yourself how to craft some cutlery into a coat rack!

You'll Need:

  • 7 forks
  • 8 planks of different lengths
  • napkins in 3 different colors
  • hammer, nails, a drill, and screws

Here's How:

1. Forks don't iron too well, so first you'll need to hammer them flat.

2. After that, drill a hole in each fork under the tines.

3. First hammer out any curve in the fork, then bend the handle to form a coat hook. Magician Uri Geller said he could bend spoons with the power of his mind. If you aren't so supernaturally gifted, you'll have to rely on pure muscle power alone.

4. Now turn your attention to the planks. Nail the seven smaller slats crosswise to the longest wood plank. Arrange the smaller planks so they are offset. The number and size of planks you use, will of course depend on how you would like to design your coat rack.

5. Next, stick napkins in the color or pattern of your choice on the vertical planks. Cut the napkins to fit the width of the planks and stick on the top layer of each napkin. With patterned napkins, make sure that the different sheets line up to continue the pattern. Next, leave the glue to dry.

6. Spray the forks with black spray paint. Screw them to the planks, ideally with screws of the same color, one fork per plank. Last but not least, you just have to fix the coat rack to the wall.

If you want to swipe cutlery from strangers while they're eating for this DIY project, that's entirely up to you. But if you can carry out some home improvement without resorting to theft that's probably for the best!


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