4 Decorating Ideas For Easter

Easter Egg hunts are fun, but there's more to this celebration than painting eggs and hiding them. At Easter, you can pretty up your Easter presents with some neat craft ideas or conjure up some cute decorations for your living room. Here you'll find four craft and decoration ideas that will leave every Easter Bunny feeling truly bouncy.

1. Woolen Nest

You'll Need:

  • balloon
  • wool
  • gift ribbon
  • glass
  • adhesive tape
  • wallpaper paste
  • hot glue
  • fork (or something else with prongs)

Here's How:

  1. Inflate the balloon and tie a knot in the neck. Then tape it in position with the knot in the glass. 
  2. For the next step, wrap the wool thread around the upper half of the balloon, covering it with wallpaper paste as you go. So that you get a neat edge for your nest, start by winding several strands of wool around the middle of the balloon, before criss-crossing the threads over the rest of the upper half. 
  3. Let the wallpaper paste dry for about a day. Now burst the balloon with a fork and remove the balloon fragments from the Easter nest.
  4. To finish, use hot glue to attach a ribbon and bow to the nest.

2. Eggs in an Egg

This really clever idea sees chocolate eggs appear in a larger egg as if by magic. You can see exactly how to do the trick yourself here.

3. Bunny Vase

Relatively simply, but no less effective, are these cute vases with bunny faces.  You can find the instructions here.

4. Easter Meadow

You'll Need:

  • cress seeds
  • cotton pads
  • plastic sheeting
  • water

Here's How:

  1. Lay the plastic sheeting down on the table. Next, pull apart the upper and lower layers of the cotton pads. Cover the plastic sheeting with the cotton pad layers arranged close together.
  2. Carefully wet the cotton pads with a little water. Better too little than too much, or it will drip off the table. Now you can sow the cress seeds. Don't leave any gaps that are too large. Spray the seeds with water and keep them damp for the next few days. Soon a wonderful Easter meadow will be growing on your table. 

These ideas are easy to implement and don't require a lot of effort, so nothing will stand in your way when it comes to creating visually stunning Easter decorations. Have fun!


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