These 14 secret beauty tricks are true gems — and so simple!

If you're tired of seeing perfect selfies and food pics on Instagram, you're about to get lucky. Here's a list of absolute gems to have you looking more gorgeous than ever. 

1. Wavy hair

Wrap your hair with a band around your head and leave it for a few hours or overnight. It'll look like you just walked out of the hairdresser's!

2. Bigger or smaller eyes

If you want your eyes to look bigger, apply white eyeliner right above the lower lash line. Black liner below the eye will make them look smaller.

3. Annoying bra underwire

Sometimes it seems like there's nothing you can do about the underwire of a bra poking out and causing discomfort all day. Ugh. But it turns out there's an easy solution: you put a moleskin patch over the affected area.

4. Glowing mascara

If you apply white eyeliner before putting on your eye shadow, your colored eyeliner/eyeshadow and mascara will pop much better!

5. Thicker hair line

If you want a beautiful, thick hairline, you can apply eyeshadow similar to your hair color just the way this woman does in the following video:

6. A good use for old eyeshadows

If you ever bought an eyeshadow that you ended up not liking, you might be able to use it as a lipgloss! Just add a little Vaseline and mix until smooth.


Make the perfect lip color with Vaseline and your favorite eyeshadow #makeuphacks

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7. Easy braid

If you need to tie your hair back but don’t have a hairband, make a braid the way she does — here in the video. Don't untangle the endings while braiding, just pass the lower end through the gap you left. Love it!


How to finish a braid without a hair tie #yas #hairhack #braids

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8. Clean make-up brushes

To clean your brushes easily, mix a little oil in with some dishwashing detergent and then wash and rinse well with water!

9. Thicker lower lashes

If you feel like your lower eyelashes are too thin, try this cool trick:

10. Well-applied mascara

To avoid getting mascara on your skin, place a plastic spoon under your lower lashes while putting it on. They'll look better!

11. Mascara to last

If your mascara is dry or running low, add some of your favorite oil to it and you won't have to rush out for a new one anytime soon. (If it's expired though, do toss it.)

12. Longer-lasting matte lipstick

To make your lipstick last longer, put a tissue over your lips after applying it, and sprinkle a little powder over it. The color will last longer because you'll get a beautiful matte look that stays.

13. New nail color

If you mix your favorite eyeshadow color with nail polish, you can get a new and original color like the one in this pic.

14. Fixing broken eyeshadow

If your favorite eyeshadow got broken, spray the remains with alcohol and the squeeze it back together with the back of a spoon. Pretty good, huh?


When your palette breaks and needs surgery but at least she's fixed! Thank god for IPA! #UD #Naked3 #Hacks #Chemist #brokeneyeshadow

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See how easy these are? It feels good to look good. Enjoy these tricks and be generous — pass on your favorites to your friends!


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