14 tricks to help you look your best

You're getting ready to leave the house in a couple of minutes but you can't get your bracelet on. Minor everyday problems can really test your patience, but thankfully there are people out there who are constantly thinking up solutions to them. Here are 14 examples that might just help to make your day go a bit easier...

1. Ink stains 

If your pen leaks and leaves an ugly stain on your favorite shirt, apply some hair spray or hand sanitizer and wait 10 minutes. Goodbye stain!


2. Stylish jeans

If you want to wear short boots with your jeans, don't tuck your jeans into them. It will look more stylish if you fold them a bit above the boot. See the difference!


3. Closing a bracelet 

If you can't close your bracelet, stick it to your wrist with a piece of tape as shown in this photo. Now it should be a lot easier to fasten the clasp!


4. Shrunken clothes

If your sweater has shrunk, try soaking it in hot water with hair conditioner for a few minutes. This trick saved my life!


5. Hanger marks

Use rounded hangers to prevent creasing on your woolen garments, or keep them folded in the closet. 


6. Right size jeans

If you don't feel like trying on jeans in the store, there's a quick trick to see if they'll fit: try to join the ends of the waist around your neck. If you can do it, it means the jeans will be perfect!


7. Ripped jeans

If your jeans are ripped and it's not the look you're going for, you can try one of these four ideas for patching them:


8. Walking in heels

If wearing heels makes you feel like your feet have been hit with a hammer, try taping your third and fourth toes together. You'll notice the difference!


9. Shoe deodorizer

If your shoes are starting to smell and you want to get rid of the foul odor, try putting a couple of tea bags in them (peppermint tends to work best). It's the best deodorant you can find!


10. Stains on shoes

If your suede shoes are stained, we have good news. Just rub a piece of old bread on the stains and they’ll be history.


11. Pulled out drawstring

If the drawstring on your sweatshirt has come out, you can easily put back in using a straw.


12. Underarm stains

If you're having problems with sweat stains on the underarms of your shirts, try using some pads like these.


13. Drying time

Try this trick to decrease the drying time of your clothes: wrap your wet clothes in a towel and squeeze it well. You'll be amazed at how fast they dry now!

14. Makeup stains

If your makeup has left stains on your shirt collar, try using shaving cream to get rid of them. Great!


Hopefully a few of these tricks will help you out of some tight situations in the future!


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