Put It To The Test: Which Of These 8 Home Remedies Will Make Your Fresh Flowers Last Longer?

How do you make cut flowers stay fresh longer? We investigated this question by adding 8 different home remedies to the water to test which of them kept the flowers looking their best for the longest period of time. Our DIY test products included bleach, vodka, coffee, coins, lemonade, apple cider vinegar, crushed aspirin, and flower food. What's your favorite method? Prepare to be surprised by which one worked the best at helping the beautiful flowers stay fresh the longest.

Day 3

The flowers with aspirin, apple cider vinegar, and coffee had already withered by the third day.

Day 6

The flowers with bleach and vodka remained relatively fresh for nearly a week.

Day 10

In the end, it was the flowers with flower food, coins, or lemonade that stayed fresh the longest.

The flower food lived up to its promise and certainly delivered, but the copper coins did an even better job. However, the winner by a landslide was the lemonade. Pour some into the water in your flower vase and your flowers will look almost as fresh on the tenth day as they did on the first day.

Who would have guessed? So the next time you go out of town for a few days, just pour some lemonade into the water and the flowers will still be fresh by the time you come back. Now that you know how to get the most out of your blooming blossoms, check out these 3 clever tips for arranging flowers.


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