Tips for doing the laundry

Doing the laundry can be an irritating task, but unfortunately it's necessary. Since most of us don't have household help and turning our underwear inside out is simply not an option, we have no choice but to face mountains of dirty laundry. But at least now there are ways to make this unenviable task that little bit easier... 

Damp laundry

Sometimes, damp laundry lands in the hamper. As well as increasing the likelihood of mildew, it also leaves the rest of your laundry smelling rather unpleasant. It's always best to let damp laundry dry first. Try hanging it on a towel rack above the hamper. 


Sock chaos

Who doesn't hate it? After doing a load of laundry, socks seem to be tangled up everywhere. However, attaching a small mesh laundry bag to the hamper with clothespins is the best way to deal with this problem. This bag can also be washed with the rest of your laundry, and it saves you the hassle of digging out individual socks. 


Heavy laundry basket

Not everyone has a hamper right next to the washing machine. If your hamper or basket is difficult to transport because it weighs too much, attach toy cars to the bottom corners using a hot glue gun. Now the kids can help with household chores!  


Perfectly placed detergent

Detergent packaging is usually quite bulky and can often get everywhere when you attempt to pour it. Soap dispensers on the wall will solve this problem though. Label one for detergent and the other for fabric softener. Now you can take as much as you need — without the mess.


No more dryer sheets

A crumpled ball of aluminum foil can really help against static electricity. The clothes may not smell as fresh, but at least you avoid a shock! 


Crease-free laundry

A laundry rack is much more energy efficient than a dryer. Too bad that there's always a crease where the clothes fold over the bar. If you cut pool noodles and place them over bars, creases are no longer a problem!


Bulky ironing board

Ironing boards are always somewhat difficult to collapse. One solution is to use two hooks to create a wall mount. Now you have a place to hang your board that's out of the way.


Folding laundry the smart way

You can make your very own folding aid out of a large piece of cardboard. To do this, just fold the box left and right. In the middle there's space for the item of clothing that needs folding. The third part of the folding aid is cut on both sides to the center and then folded over. This folding aid ensures all shirts are folded in exactly the same way, keeping things tidy in your wardrobe.


Watch the following video to see these clever tricks in action...

Housekeeping should be kept as easy as possible, because, let's be honest, there are much more important things in life. But a little order and cleanliness never hurts!


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