This Man's Carving Skills Are Out Of This World

Japanese artist Gaku carves fruits and vegetables to create beautiful works of art. Elaborate patterns are carved using a knife, never glue or any other type of materials, and he can even create chain links from asparagus. Illustration is another one of Gaku's specialties, and his work has been showcased by media from all over the world. He even has 166k+ followers on Instagram. What an amazing talent!

The origin of fruit carving is tied to Thai culture. Japan also has a tradition of carving food, which is called Mukimono. Gaku takes up to 2 hours to finish one piece — food carving takes a lot of patience and concentration. He adds Japanese elements to the carvings to establish a unique style. After a series of failures, Gaku finally mastered the art of carving all by himself. Hats off to you, Gaku!


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