6 Genius Hacks For Cutting Fruit

Fruits come in all shapes and sizes and you need to know how to treat each one the right way, especially when it comes to delicate matters. To be frank, fruits don't appreciate some fool haphazardly plunging a knife into them, unaware that each different type needs to be cut up and deseeded in its own way. This is why you need to learn the ways of the fruit ninja!

Citrus Fruit

Cut away a piece at each end of the fruit. Now make a cut through the peel lengthwise, and spread the fruit out.


Cut the avocado into quarters, remove each quarter from the seed, and remove the skin by simply peeling it away.


Cut large pieces with the skin away from the seed. To peel, push each piece down the side of a glass. The fruit falls into the glass, while the skin remains on the outside.


Feed a straw upwards through the bottom of the strawberry to remove the stem.


Cut away a piece at each end of the kiwi. Then use a spoon to separate the skin from the flesh of the fruit. The fruit can now slide out of its skin.


To create bite-size pieces, first cut the watermelon in half. Place one half of the watermelon on a flat work surface and slice it crosswise. Repeat this step for the other half.

So there you have it — you now have the necessary knife skills for taking on any fruit that comes your way. You can officially call yourself a true fruit ninja!


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