19 Fun Ways To Pass The Time At Home

These 19 tips and tricks are ideal for everyone stuck at home with a lot of time to kill, which is basically everyone right now. Be honest, you've already seen all the good movies on Netflix, you're tired of reading books all the time, and there isn't a corner of the internet that you haven't already explored. Well, then it's time to check out these fun activities that'll help you pass the time at home. From home decor hacks to kids' entertainment, we've got you covered! Cabin fever? We don't know her!

1.–7. Creative Crafts With Toilet Paper Rolls

We all use toilet paper, so of course, we always have tons of leftover rolls that we inevitably just toss out. What most people don't realize, however, is that these bad boys have quite a few uses! The small cardboard rolls are so versatile, in fact, that you should think twice before tossing them out from now on — any of these 7 crafts would be a perfect way to repurpose toilet paper rolls.

8.–9. Colorful DIY Yarn Crafts

As the following neat DIY tricks prove, a little piece of yarn can go a long way. That's right — all it takes is a ball of yarn to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind necklace or super cozy bobble rug for your home. Get ready to receive so many compliments on your unique taste!

10. Customized Tote Bag

Crafting is something that never goes out of style, and those who used to tinker with it as kids probably have warm memories of making homemade stamps. Now you can relive your childhood and try out this fun grown-up DIY project and design a whole set of accessories to upgrade your wardrobe!

11.–15. Fun & Useful Knot Hacks

Check out our Knot Hacks 101 tutorial and we'll show you how easy it is to make cool things with just a few strands of material. All you need is some dexterity, a little patience, and a few cords, strings, or even shoelaces. What a time to be alive! We're obsessed with these simple tips and tricks – who knew it was so fast, easy, and cost-effective to spruce up your cables, shoes, keys, and hoodies?!

16.–18. DIY Upcycling Crafts

Do you have old jeans, shirts, and bedding that maybe have a few holes in them? Even if they're in otherwise great condition, a few holes here and there make you feel like you have to toss them out, but that's not true! Here are 3 clever ways you can repurpose your old material into great, everyday things.

19. Animal Hand Shadows

Do you always read your kids a story before they go to bed, but it's starting to feel a bit stale? If you want to shake things up, go ahead and incorporate hand shadows into the stories! Your kids will love the added creative element and the fact that you're bringing the story to life, and you'll enjoy the chance to try something new. And on the plus side, once your kids get down the motions, they can start telling you bedtime stories!

If you're among the lucky few with toilet paper, please don't throw away the empty rolls! As you can see, there's a ton of creative stuff you can do with toilet paper rolls. These 19 hacks should help you fight signs of early-onset boredom while you're practicing social distancing, and they'll make you all the more happier too!


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