Build Your Own DIY Floating Water Tap For The Perfect Garden Decoration

You have to look twice to believe it – that's actually real water flowing out of a tap that's hovering in midair! Where does the water come from? This fountain is bordering on magical and makes a fascinating garden decoration.  You can buy ornaments like this one, or even better, make one yourself. You won't believe just how easy it is to add some magic to your own backyard.

You'll Need:

  • water tap
  • stylish bucket
  • plastic pipe
  • water pump
  • epoxy modeling clay
  • silicon glue
  • boulders
  • a drill with a compass saw attachment
  • gloves

Here's How:

1. For your magical fountain, first you'll need a waterproof bucket that can also be an eye-catching ornament for your garden. An old-fashioned wooden bucket has an air of quality and enhances the appeal of your new attraction. Using the compass saw attachment, drill a hole in the bucket large enough for the water pump plug to pass through.

2. The first fundamental secret of your magic fountain is a small electric water pump placed inside the bucket. The small suction cups on the pump should hold it firmly in position. Feed the power cable out through the hole.

3. Now seal the hole around the cable with water-resistant epoxy modeling clay — both inside and out. Make sure you're wearing gloves for this! The advantage of the modeling clay is that it is very easy to shape. It takes around five minutes for the epoxy clay to harden.

4. The second fundamental secret of your magical fountain is a colorless acrylic pipe. This should fit exactly onto the opening of your water pump. Additionally, the diameter should not be larger than that of the tap. Using silicon glue, fix the tap to the top of the pipe at a slight angle so that the water can flow out at the top and run down the pipe. Make sure that the tap is not too heavy — the glue and the pipe have to hold its entire weight.

5. Now take the pipe with the tap glued to the end and set the other end in place on the water pump. Next, fill the bucket with ornamental boulders and water. The stones not only provide stability for the water pump, but also act as a stylish form of concealment.

Now your magical fountain is ready — all you have to do is turn it on.

So, are you up for the challenge of making your own magic fountain? Give it a try! This fun DIY project will bring a touch of magic to your garden that will leave everyone wondering how you did it! And sharing is caring, so don't forget to pass on your magical gardening tips.


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