How to fix a broken window with garlic

Most people would probably agree that garlic is a tasty ingredient that can add a whole new dimension of flavor to otherwise bland food. And the great thing is that it's really healthy, too. But did you know that garlic has other uses outside the kitchen? If you've ever chopped garlic, you've probably noticed that it leaves a sticky film on the knife and your hands. This is caused by the sucrose compounds (also known as "fructans") that garlic contains in high concentrations. They form a natural glue that has many practical uses around the house. One trick in particular is really neat:

You can actually fix a cracked window with garlic! Simply take a clove and cut it lengthwise in the middle. Now rub the cut side softly over the crack and wipe away the excess garlic juice with a paper towel. You can clearly see that all the small cracks are filled with the sticky, natural garlic glue and this will prevent them from breaking any further. You can even use this trick on a car windshield if it's been cracked or chipped by a stone. In this case, it's not a substitute for a professional fix, but it will keep the crack on your windshield from getting worse until you can get to a repair shop.

As you can see, it always pays to have some garlic at home and not just for cooking. It might also be a good idea to keep some in your glove compartment, too. Clever idea, wouldn't you say?


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