Man spends 20 years building his dream swimming pool

At nine years old, Mickey Thornton's dream was having his own swimming pool, one that was big and deep enough to swim in without feeling confined. In 1992, Mickey, already 38 and with a family, moved with them to Covington, Tennessee. It was then that he decided to fulfill his dream: he would build a swimming pool for his family to enjoy whenever the weather allowed it. 

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It was the following year, in 1993, coinciding with Labor Day, when he began his project. The only thing his wife asked of him was that he build the pool away from their home. Twenty years later, what had begun as a 20-ft deep ditch had become almost an artificial lake.

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Consisting of 320 yards of concrete, 18 tons of steel and rock-lined waterfalls, the giant pool is filled with more than half a million gallons of water. Although originally intended for his family, it turned into a place to host birthday celebrations, marriages, meetings of his children's sports teams and even the Japanese national baseball team!

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Between 1998 and 1999, the family changed the rubber lining of the pool and added the waterfall. In 2013, they updated things again, adding more efficient filters. Although at first people swam for free, after being offered money for many years, the family now charges a set amount that they think is reasonable for visitors to give as a donation. 

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Another curious fact about the pool: At least 400 people belonging to different churches have been baptized there!

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You can watch how Mickey's project came to fruition here:

After 20 years of hard work, this family man has been able to fulfill his childhood dream. The finished project looks pretty wonderful, right? Don't you want to take a refreshing dip in this amazing lake? I'd jump in right now!




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