Using fire glass instead of fire wood is the new home decor sensation

Ever heard of an invention called fire glass? These are very small pieces of hardened glass that can be exposed to intense heat. And it's a real dream when you see how it looks in fireplaces.


It was developed between 2000 and 2010 and since then it has been a popular feature of decoration, not just at home, but also in hotels, designer homes or restaurants, because the sight of colored glass amid flames is just unique.

fire bowl

But it's not as easy as it looks: recycled glass cannot be used directly as fire glass, because it is not hard enough and often it will burn and release toxic substances at high temperatures.

But thanks to a special process, recycled glass can become fireproof fire glass.


How to burn fire glass is actually quite simple. The glass is put into a fireproof container and then organic ethanol is poured over it. The advantage of this is that no toxic substances get into the atmosphere when burning organic ethanol. It burns cleanly, so to speak.

The second way to burn fire glass is by setting up a gas flame in the base of your fireplace or fire pit and then covering it with fire glass. This is not only a nice decorative idea: the glass holds onto warmth and then radiates it out - and four times as strongly as with a regular fire.

An amazing idea especially since you can adjust the temperature and there is no way for smoke to develop. This is really practical for the gardens of small properties with sensitive neighbors.

With fire glass, there is nothing to stop you enjoying a cozy evening next to a stylish fire pit in your garden — or if you're the type to get cold, you can even set up it up indoors. Just beautiful.


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