Add some sparkle to your walls with a lot of glitter and a little inspiration!

Despite what some may say, glitter is great and pretty much as vital as water or air, right? A pinch of glitter can make anything look a little more magical and glamorous - even your walls. This idea will transform your room into a glittery dreamworld!

You'll need:

Here's how:

Pour a large amount of glitter into the bowl. You can mix different colors or shapes if you'd like. In this example, fine glitter is mixed in with some larger pieces.


Then pour a generous amount of mod podge into the bowl.


Mix the glitter with the glue using a mixing stick or the end of the sponge brush (you'll have to wash it off later). The mixture will be really thick and clumpy, but that's how it should be.


Using the putty knife, spread the glitter in any corners or edges of your wall. This will be difficult if you just try to use the sponge brush.


You can use the sponge brushes for the rest of the surface. It is easiest if you just use a little of the glitter mix at a time and apply it in layers. Also, if you work from the bottom of the wall up, it's less likely to drip.


A few layers, and a lot of work later, your diva glitter wall will be finished. This person definitely had lots of patience. In the interest of time and money, it's probably better to not take on a whole wall. This must've taken at least 5 massive containers of glitter. For whole walls or large surfaces, you could always resort to using glitter contact paper.


You could always use the same technique on your furniture, or maybe to stencil some designs on your walls rather than do the whole thing. 

Here's a video showing you how to make a glitter wall:

Now I want to coat my whole house in glitter, but I realize I should proceed with caution — maybe you can have too much of a good thing?


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