You'll never be stuck without internet while you travel again

Smartphones are an ingenious invention. You're never lost, wherever you are in the world.

You can always figure out where you are, research places of interest in the area, or find out when the next bus leaves. You can call a cab or get live navigation help if you're driving. But what happens when you've used up your data? Now, instead of the hare, you're stuck with the tortoise.


The worst is when you've landed in a new city: there are few things as frustrating as slow internet while traveling. But those days are over! Most international airports actually have free wifi. You just have to know how to log in. All you need is a device that can access the internet and the right information.

An amazingly helpful website has gathered all of this data into one place. It was created by travel journalist Anil Polat, who describes himself as a "digital nomad." The site has detailed info on what kind of wifi airports have on offer all over the world, as well as the respective passwords and terms of service. It's a great page — and not just for when you have a long layover.


The map is constantly being updated by users and, now, not only for airports but also for wifi hotspots everywhere. Simple, well-designed, and extremely practical.

Google Maps 

You can bookmark the site on your phone or download the app (for iPhones and Android). It's free and compatible with every smartphone. So... no more IT-related obstacles to deal with while traveling! You'll always be connected. 

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Download the app now, or at the latest before your next trip. You won't regret it!





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