15 DIY Halloween costume ideas

The most terrifyingly fun day of the year is fast approaching, so have you got your costume sorted yet? If you're out of ideas and don't want to spend much, here are 15 DIY costumes your Halloween party guests will love...

1. Russell from Up

If you have fond memories of the movie Up, you may like this simple and great costume. All you have to do is make the band for the badges using some felt and some pins.


2. Seniors

This idea is particularly fun for babies and young children — check these two out!


3. Cheerleaders

It's a classic costume that goes down well at any costume party. For a creepy Halloween touch, you may want to add a little blood or wear some scary makeup. 


4. Mary Poppins

For this supercalifragilistic costume, you may already have everything you need in your closet. If not, anything you have to buy will probably be useful for another occasion.


5. Elsa from Frozen

How about becoming the Ice Queen for the day? Here's a simple and affordable costume...


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6. Ouija

A terrifying and very original costume that just needs a little body paint and makeup.


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7. Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is a classic costume from Alice in Wonderland. Don't forget the deck of cards!


8. Darla from Finding Nemo

Find the most famous fish in the world with this great costume. All you need is a fake goldfish in a plastic bag, a homemade dental brace, and a sweatshirt similar to the one the girl's wearing.


9. Rose and Jack from Titanic

Bring the most tragic love story in recent movie history back to life with this original idea. Brr!


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10. Snack on that

While we're talking about movies, why not dress up as a delicious box of popcorn? This costume is sure to get heads turning!


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11. Rachel from Friends

Now that 90s fashion is back in, it's possible you may already have the perfect Rachel costume in your closet.


12. Britney Spears

Another great costume from the same era. It doesn't take much effort to dress like the 90s pop icon.


13. Wednesday Adams

You probably won't have to buy much to dress up as the fearsome firstborn from the Addams family. What a super idea!


14. Carl from Up

Here's another idea from Up. All you need is some balloons and a few extras to turn someone into Pixar's most cranky widower. Check out this kid — isn't he adorable?


15. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

A simple dress, apron and hairstyle like the one in the photo will turn you into the smart and beautiful Belle. Now all you need is your beast!


Though not all of them are scary, the important thing with these costumes is that they're original, easy to make, and inexpensive. We hope you have fun dressing up this Halloween!


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