You can determine someone's personality just from looking at their hands

Scientists have discovered something fascinating about the human hand — the facets of your personality are hidden within it. The secret actually lies in your ring finger, as the length of the ring finger is an indication of how much testosterone you were exposed to during the nine months you spent in your mother's womb. And because testosterone can have an impact on your personality, you can distinguish some pretty major characteristics of a person just by looking at their fingers.

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There are three different types of hands: A, B, and C. Here you can find out which type you are and what it means. Then you can learn a few fun facts that scientists have discovered in their lengthy study of the finger length ratio. And yes, research really exists!

Type A: The ring finger is longer than the index finger

In general, people with a longer ring finger are typically more attractive. Many of these types are quite charming and they get along well with others. However, they are also more aggressive and more likely to take risks. Scientists have also found that people with a longer ring finger tend to earn more money than their shorter ring finger counterparts.

Type B: The ring finger is shorter than the index finger

People with a shorter ring finger have a strong sense of self and can even be narcissistic as times. They like being alone and are reluctantly disturbed. Therefore, when it comes to love, they are not comfortable making the first move. Additionally, their senses are often more heightened than other types.

Type C: The ring finger and index finger are the same length

People with equal-length ring and index fingers are very peaceful types. They are good mediators and make loving, loyal partners. They are often more balanced than others, as well as quieter and more restrained.

Share these interesting tips with your friends and you can look forward to seeing what their fingers tell you about their personality.




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