5 handy smartphone hacks that'll make your life better!

Many people cannot imagine living without their beloved smartphone. It's not just for making phone calls; it's also used as a music player, alarm clock or camera - not to mention the countless apps in which you can play games on your phone. These 5 simple lifehacks are really useful in making your user experience with your smartphone much more pleasant. Check it out and make sure you have a piece of aluminum foil handy!

1. Simply put a drop of water on the lens of your phone camera and you can focus in no time. Most phones are water resistant and the drop of water serves as a lens.

2. Place your phone in a glass - this will increase the volume and you don't even need to buy any stereo boxes if you want to listen to a song outside on the balcony while your phone charges.

3. When you're using the touchscreen on your phone, you sometimes need to be very precise but your fingers are just too wide. But you can build your very own smartphone stylus: just roll up a bit of aluminum foil. You can use this to draw and type on your phone's screen. By the way: many phones have scratch-resistant glass so you don't need to worry about ruining your touchscreen.   

4. Don't want your phone to tip over? Want to keep it propped up but you don't have anything to hold it up with? That's not a problem: just fold up your glasses, set them on the table and place your phone inside.

5. Everyone knows how to use the flash on your phone's camera to transform your phone into a flashlight. But here's a way to turn your phone into a proper lightbulb that will illuminate the whole room and not just certain parts of it: take a transparent water bottle and place it on top of the camera flash. The effect will amaze you.

These amazing tricks help you get the most from your phone and get past these everyday obstacles. The stereo box trick is particularly handy and you save a lot of money this way too. Now your smartphone usage will be optimized and streamlined.



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