Let There Be Light! State-Of-The-Art Lamps Made From Glass Bottles

Unless you're really well organized, chances are you've had some bottles lying around that you have wanted to take to the recycling bin.  And the longer they're there, the longer your weekend to-do list gets, the more bottles accumulate, and the more annoying recycling becomes. Well this just might be the solution for that little problem!

You'll Need:

  • empty glass bottles
  • glass bottle cutter 
  • big bowl
  • sandpaper
  • bulb holder

Here's How:

1. Make a cut in a clean glass bottle at the lower third and place it in a shatterproof container. It needs to fit all the way inside so choose a large enough bowl. 

2. First pour very cold water over the cut line, then very hot water. 

3. The difference in temperature should cause the bottle to break along the line. Let the lower third of the bottle fall into the bowl. You won't need that part.

4. Now sand the cut edge very well to avoid sharp edges. You don't want a dangerous lamp, just a gorgeous one.

5. Now thread the bulb holder through the bottleneck and hang your new lamp wherever it'll look the best!

Just imagine what you can do with beautifully colored bottles. In any case your recycling bin just got a little lighter and your home lighting a little cooler!


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