5 Shoes That Are Bad For Your Well-Being

The average woman in the United States own 27 different pairs of shoes, ranging from sneakers to high heels. However, some types of footwear are actually doing our well-being tons of harm. With the shoes listed below, occasional use won't cause much of a problem, but you should certainly avoid wearing them all the time.


1. Pointed Shoes


Sure, pointed shoes look great, but your feet won't feel happy in them! Due to the pointed design, your toes will feel constantly squeezed under all that pressure. Over time, this can lead to blisters and even nerve damage.

2. Flip Flops


Flip flops may seem incredibly practical and hassle-free, especially during the summer. But that's where the positives end! Unfortunately, they cause plenty of rubbing between the toes and provide your feet with very little support. This results in damage to the skin as well as misalignment in your ankles and knees.

3. High Heels


High heels are popular with many women thanks to their elegant design. Yet as well as being extremely uncomfortable, frequent long-term use can cause sprains, nerve damage, and back pain. So it's best to go for flat shoes, right?

4. Flat Shoes


Wrong! While they may feel much more comfortable than high heels, flat shoes have their own dangers. Due to insufficient arch support, there is much more pressure on the plantar fascia, the connective tissue on the bottom of the foot. This can cause pain to your knees and back. That's why it's always best to use orthotic inserts whenever you wear flat shoes.

5. Platform Shoes


While they look nice enough, platform shoes have zero flexibility with their rigid foot beds. This prevents your feet from bending properly, which goes against the mechanism of walking. Ultimately, this can lead to pain in the heel and in your back. 

As we said before, you needn't throw all of your shoes away! Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes with adequate support most of the time, and bring out the high heels for special occasions.




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