Tips For Decluttering The Chaos In Your Home

It's always the same story — you tidy up and promise yourself that you'll never hoard so much stuff in your home again. Several months later, the bathtub is once again littered with various empty shampoo bottles while a mountain of magazines is threatening to topple over onto the coffee table...

There's another way! To ensure chaos never returns, we've come up with a list of items that should be removed from your home once and for all. 

The Bathroom

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1. Unworn Jewelry

If your jewelry box is overflowing and you only wear a few items, it's time to say goodbye to those old necklaces and earrings. But it would be a shame to see everything end up in the trash, so first ask your friends if they'd like to take some of your jewelry off of you. Failing that, there's always eBay!

2. Dirty Shower Curtains

If you're shower curtain is starting to get all icky and grimy, it's maybe time to invest in a new one. Experts recommend changing the shower curtain once a year anyway, or at least cleaning them on a warm wash.

3. Bathroom Samples

It's tempting to hoard those little bottles of body wash and perfume when you're staying at a hotel. Yet many of us don't actually end up using them once they've migrated to our bathrooms at home. Expired products need a one-way ticket to the garbage, while any remaining bottles should be taken with you on your next trip. While on vacation, resist the urge to pick up more samples until your home is clear of them.

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4. Old Towels

Old towels shouldn't escape your attention when you're doing a bathroom clear-out. Faded and frayed towels have long had their time and can be used as cleaning rags around the home or should simply be thrown away.

5. Expired Medication

Many medicine cabinets are cluttered with pain relief tablets that your doctor prescribed half an eternity ago. There should be no exceptions — throw out any medication that has passed its expiration date. We recommend taking old medication back to the pharmacy where it can be disposed of correctly, free of charge.

6. Dried Nail Polish

A large nail polish collection is great — as long as you use it. However, we're all prone to impulse buys and eventually wind up regretting some of the purchases we've made. If there are colors you no longer like wearing, it's best to donate these bottles to a friend. Dried nail polish can join the aforementioned items in the trash.

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The Living Room

7. Old Magazines

Magazines have a tendency to stick around under the coffee table long after they've been read. Once you're finished with them, you should throw any old magazines in the recycling bin or give them to a friend.

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8. Old Decorations

While Christmas, Easter, and Halloween decorations look great, there comes a time when we need to take them down. As well as taking up space, watching old decorations gathering dust isn't good for your well-being. Store them away for next year.

9. DVDs and CDs

While nostalgists might not like it, digital media has really moved on in the last decade. Spotify and Netflix have sounded the death kneel for entertainment in disc form. That's why it's time to say goodbye to your old DVD collection and enjoy the space its absence has created!

The Bedroom

10. Non-Matching Linens

If you're sorting out old towels, you should also be doing the same with bed linen. Faded bedding that no longer match the pillows or sheets need to head straight to the trash. Any frayed items can also be used as cleaning rags.

11. Unread Books

Are books slowly starting to stack up on your nightstand? Then it's time to sort out the duds from the books you actually want to read. There's no shame in giving up on a book you weren't particularly enjoying and it can find a new home at a thrift store. Another sensible option is to sell any unwanted books on the internet.

12. Unworn Clothes

As with books, you shouldn't let unwanted clothes clutter up your bedroom. If something no longer fits or appeals to you, simply take it into a second-hand store or sell it on the internet. Any damaged clothes can be recycled or repurposed for DIY projects.

Now doesn't that feel better? Once all this junk has been cleared out, your decluttered home will become the model sanctuary of tidiness. Just don't let it return to its former state! 


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