15 tricks to keep your children safe and sound

Having a child can be like having a miniature earthquake in your own home — impossible to either control or predict. And they can sometimes put themselves at risk. That's why we've come up with these 15 tricks, so you can rest easy and not have a heart attack every time your child gets up to their antics. Let's take a look...

1. Safe little legs

To prevent your children from hurting themselves when they want to crawl around, cut the bottom off of tube socks to create protectors for their knees.


2. Rooms not suitable for children

If you want to keep children away from specific rooms, drill a hole in the lid of some tupperware and place it over the door handle.


3. No more finger-slamming

Put a piece of foam insulation on the edge of the door to stop it slamming on your child's fingers.


4. Keep plugs and sockets out of reach

Make a hole in one side of a tupperware box for the cables to come out of, then put the lid on to prevent your children playing with the plugs and sockets.


5. Block the way

To prevent your child from running where they're not supposed to be, you can use several tension rods as pictured to create the perfect barrier.


6. Closed closets

Keep kitchen cabinet doors closed with a rubber band so kids can't open them and reach those things they're not supposed to.


7. Avoid electrocutions

This is a very handy way to prevent your child from sticking their fingers into plugs. All you need is a band-aid!


8. Avalanche hazard

You can also use tension rods to stop books falling from shelves and onto your little ones.


9. Closed drawers

Lock the drawers with a ruler.


10. Reduce paper waste

Here's how to stop your kids unrolling ALL the toilet paper.


11. Keeping toxic products out of reach

Store your cleaning products in sealed plastic containers so your child can't touch them.


12. Stairs for children

With a rope, your children can go up and down the stairs much more easily.


13. Be safe in the bathroom

To help keep your little ones from slipping in the tub, sit them inside a laundry basket inside the bath, so they are comfortable and safe with their toys.


14. In case they get lost

A bracelet like this with your phone number on will help them find you if they get lost in a public place.


15. A cradle of protection

With a blanket, you can create a protector on the bars of your baby's crib so they don't swallow any splinters and the furniture is protected.


Now you've seen how easy it is to make your home safer, why wait? Give your kids that little bit more protection today!




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