3 Creative DIY Key Racks

Pretty much everyone's guilty of misplacing their keys at least once. And if they're not willing to admit it, they're probably lying. In any case, that first rush of anxiety is usually followed by hours of frantically searching for them in just about every nook and cranny imaginable. And, of course, it's usually in the last place you'd ever look. Most likely it'll be one of the keys you don't really need that often, like the one for the basement or the attic. We've tested 3 arts & crafts projects for DIY key racks so that you never have to worry about losing your keys again. These key holders will help organize all your keys and make them accessible to everyone who might need them. 

1. Adorable Key Chains With Faces

You'll Need:

  • woodblock
  • saw
  • sandpaper
  • 5 large wooden beads
  • 5 small wooden beads
  • 5 split key rings
  • 5 pieces of ribbon or cord
  • felt tip pen

Here's How:

1.1 First trim a woodblock to about 8 inches.

1.2 Now saw 5 notches, making sure that the space between notches is even. Be careful not to saw through your strip of wood. 

1.3 Sandpaper the notches.

1.4 Taking one small wooden bead and one large wooden bead, thread them on a ribbon or cord, and make a knot at the end. This prevents the beads from slipping off the cord.

1.5 Knot a key ring at the other end of the ribbon or cord.

1.6 Repeat both steps 4 times until you're left with 5 key chains. Be as creative as you like and draw different faces on each one of the large beads.

1.7 Attach your keys to the split key rings and place the finished key chains in the notches on the strip of wood. The best way to hang your key holder on the wall is by using removable adhesive strips. 

2. Key Holder From A Ring Binder

You'll Need:

  • binder
  • wooden block
  • 2 screws
  • screwdriver

Here's How:

Remove the retainer from the binder and screw it onto a piece of wood. You can easily fix the key holder to your wall by using removable adhesive strips.

3. Cute Mini Garage For Car Keys

You'll Need:

  • wooden building blocks
  • glue
  • small square plywood board
  • toy car
  • key ring

Here's How:

3.1 Build a small house by gluing together the small square plywood board and the 4 wooden building blocks. 

3.2 Attach a key chain to a toy car with a pair of pliers.

3.3 Now add your car key to the key ring and "park" it in the tiny house. You can use the same hack as in Project 1 and 2 and use removable adhesive strips to hang the miniature garage on your wall.

By the way, our key racks also make great housewarming gifts for friends or family. Have fun with these DIY tips, and perhaps with gifting the results to loved ones!


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