Super simple homemade mosquito trap!

You're lying in bed all bundled up in complete darkness. A cool wind comes in through the window and you hear the trees rustling outside. You're already drifting off into a deep slumber when suddenly an annoying buzzing sound jolts you from your sleep. You know exactly what it is and what it wants: your blood. If that were all, it would somehow be manageable but the swollen itchy bumps the mosquitoes leave behind on your skin are just so irritating. This simple trap will banish all the mosquitoes from your home.

And remember: If you leave your windows open at night, either turn off the light or put up an insect screen. This way the annoying blood-suckers won't invade your home. Even if some of these pests do still make it inside, this trap will effectively get rid of them. Once they are lured down through the bottleneck to the sweet smell of sugar, there's no escape.


Also hefty