Clothing Tricks: How To Turn A Simple Shawl Into A Variety Of Chic Tops, Dresses, And Skirts!

On hot summer days, every piece of clothing that's in contact with your skin can feel like one too many. That's why it's always to best wear light and airy clothes to avoid getting "hot under the collar. " However, there's no need to go shopping at expensive boutiques, as all you need is a shawl in a style of your choice. Whether it's a cool top, chic dress or summer skirt, you can use the shawl to create any item of clothing you want!

1. Poncho

For the first trick, you'll need a shawl that's about the same length as your body. Cross the shawl over once lengthways and wrap it around your waist so that the closed side is behind you.

Next, tie the two back corners together and turn the shawl around so the knots are now behind you. To finish, you need to guide your arms through the holes to get into the poncho.

2. Bandeau Top

A shawl that's shorter than the one you used for the poncho is fine here. Guide the shawl around your body from behind, ensuring that it sits under your arms for the top to be the right size later.

At the front, cross the ends of the shawl over once and then a second time. Next, guide both ends to the left and right underneath your chest to your back. Have someone tie the two ends in a knot.

3. Neckholder Dress

As with the poncho, you'll need a large shawl here. First, spread out the shawl across your back. Next, pull the ends of the shawl forward and cross them over twice, making sure they sit tightly to your chest before knotting them. To finish, tie the two ends of the shawl together behind your neck.

4. One Shoulder Top

Here you'll need a shawl that's a similar size to the one you used for the bandeau top. First wrap the shawl around your body from behind, ensuring that both ends cross over at the front. The top half of the shawl should then be placed over your shoulder. To finish, guide the other end around your side to your back where it can then be tied together with the top half.

You may need help from someone when it comes to tying the two ends together.

5. Waterfall Top

First, fold a large shawl widthways. With the closed side facing toward the front, place the shawl around your neck and knot both ends so that the shawl loosely falls over the front of your body. Tie the other two corners in a knot at waist height behind your back.

6. Cardigan

All you have to do here is fold a large shawl in half and tie the two ends together.

7. Bandeau Dress

As well as a large shawl, you'll need a bracelet for this fashion trick. As with the previous dress, you start by spreading the shawl across the center of your back without folding it and bringing the two ends together at the front. Guide the two ends through the bracelet and pull them to the sides around your back where you tie them together. Make sure that the bracelet isn't sitting too low.

8. Neckholder Top

Together with the cardigan, the neckholder top is surely one of the easiest wrapping tricks. First, loosely roll a large shawl up lengthways. Place the shawl around your neck, cross it over your chest and tie it together behind your back.

9. Skirt

To create a skirt, start by folding a large shawl lengthways. Make sure you leave several inches from the edges to give the skirt a tiered appearance.

Take the shawl with the closed side on top, hold one corner tightly at the front and wrap the shawl around your whole waist until both ends meet. Tie the two ends together in a knot and hide it under the fabric.

For all of these tricks, you need to make sure that you tie the knots tightly enough so they don't come loose when you're out and about. Once you've knotted your shawl in place, you can adjust everything slightly before showing off your new top, skirt or dress to the public.


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