How to transform a hoodie into something amazing!

Most of us probably owned at least one of these when we were younger (and maybe still do): we're talking about a hooded sweatshirt, a.k.a. "hoodie". Wearing one of these made you one of the cool kids in the schoolyard. But along with looking good, they also have lots of practical aspects like the privacy and anonymity offered by the hood and the cozy muff pocket at the front for keeping your hands warm or carrying things too big for normal pockets. But there are also a few alternative uses for a hoodie that you might not have thought of.


In a few easy steps you can transform your hoodie into a handy tote bag, e.g. for your laptop or anything else you might need to carry. You can even use your hoodie as a pillow. Let's take a closer look at how you can use your hoodie as a laptop bag. First lay the sweatshirt spread out on a flat surface. The arms should be out to the sides and the hood should be facing you.


Now lay your laptop (or similarly sized object) in the middle of the hoodie.


Fold the lower half of the sweatshirt over the laptop and tuck the cloth under it.


The next step is to pull the hood carefully over the wrapped up computer. It's kind of like pulling a cap over a parcel.


Now you can pull the drawstrings tight. The next step is to tie the sleeves of the hoodie together to form a strap.


And voila! You're now ready to hang your new "laptop bag" over your shoulder and safely transport your computer wherever you want to go.


The best thing is that you can have a different bag for every day of the week depending on how many hoodies you own. How about a bright yellow one tomorrow?

The following video shows you all the steps in more detail:

What a great idea! With this trick you can express your own unique style and protect your laptop at the same time. And when the weather turns cold you can always unfold your bag, pull it on and enjoy the warm, comfy feeling that only your favorite hoodie can provide.


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