Not Just For Crafting: 10 DIY Tricks With Hot Glue

Hot glue is a staple for repairing things, crafting projects, building models, and even for waterproofing electrical connections. But the following 10 tricks go far beyond these well-known uses. Warning: take care when using hot glue. As the name suggests, the glue can reach temperatures of 200 °F. Be sure to take appropriate safety measures.

1. Work for longer

One common complaint when working with hot glue sticks is that they tend to run out in the middle of a project. Before starting your project, try hot gluing several sticks together end-to-end. This will prevent inconvenient and unplanned breaks in your project.

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2. Reduce drawer noise

Do you usually wake the whole house every time you close your dresser drawer? Try using a little hot glue to reduce the slamming sound. Place two small strips of tape on the inside of the drawer and place a strand of hot glue on them. Make sure to let the glue completely dry before closing your drawer. Loud slamming will be a thing of the past.

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3. Protect your walls

If you open a door too forcefully, the doorknob can cause significant damage to walls. Try hot gluing a regular plastic bottle cap to a piece of tape and taping it to the wall so it aligns with the doorknob. There will be no need to fear damage anymore!

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4. Attach buttons

You've probably experienced this if you've ever worn a button-down shirt: A button suddenly falls off the front of your shirt, leaving you with far too large a gap in the middle of your chest. If you don't have the time or means to sew it back on straight away, try sticking it on with hot glue. Afterwards, just remove any excess glue and you're good to go!

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5. Straighten pictures

If your favorite picture always seems to tilt to one side, try this: place some tape on the back of the frame, ideally in the bottom corners  and drop a spot of hot glue on it. Let the glue try and then re-hang your photo. It will stay perfectly straight and won't slide around anymore.

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6. Replace appliance feet

If one of your kitchen appliances or other devices wiggles back and forth because it's lost one of its small rubber feet, try replacing it with a spot of hot glue.

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7. Replace stabilizers

The same goes for the rubber bits under glass top tables: squirt a spot of hot glue on the glass holder and let it dry — and the table will wobble no more! Try it for yourself.

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8. Stop clothes from sliding off the hanger

If you've ever owned some of those smooth clothes hangers, you know what a pain it can be when your clothes slip right off the hanger after hanging them up in the first place. Sometimes you have to try multiple times to just get them to stay put. If this sounds like your closet, try this before spending a ton of money on new hangers: put a strip of hot glue on the hanger and let it completely dry. You'll be able to hang up all your clothes and have them stay put!

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9. Floor mat

Some floor mats are really frustrating because they constantly slide out of place. Save yourself the trouble of readjusting it every time you leave the house by drawing a few broad strokes of hot glue on the underside of the mat and letting them dry. The days of slipping and sliding will soon be forgotten.

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10. Fit a ring that's too big

Have you ever been given a ring that's the wrong size? No worries. Try applying some hot glue to one side of the ring. Dip part of the ring in a pool of hot glue, wipe away the glue on the outside of the ring, but leave a small, transparent layer on the inside and allow it to dry. It should now fit your finger perfectly.

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Who would've guessed that a hot glue gun could be so useful? You don't have one yet? Well, it's certainly a good thing to have in every household and makes a great gift idea!




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