10 unusual ways to use ice cubes

Almost everyone has at least a tray of ice cubes lying around in their freezer if not one of those handy, modern, ice-dispensing fridges. Yes, they are a must for cooling down refreshments, but there are so many other ways to use ice cubes that you probably didn't know about. Check out this list:

1. Prepare your eyebrows for tweezing

Plucking your eyebrows can be really painful, especially if you do it infrequently. Try holding an ice cube for 30 seconds on your brows beforehand to dull the pain. This will help to momentarily dull the sensitivity of your skin.


2. Mitigate bruising

If you apply an ice cube to your skin immediately after an injury, you'll close your capillaries, which will help prevent the formation of a giant bruise under the skin. Of course, you'll still see some darkness under the skin, but it will be a lot milder than if you hadn't applied ice.


3. Less pain when removing splinters

If a splinter has found its way into your finger or toe, it doesn't only hurt a lot, but it also needs to be removed quickly so it doesn't get infected. Before pulling it out, try holding an ice cube on the skin around it for a few seconds. This will make the removal less painful.


4. Scoop out excess fat from the surface of soups and stews

Fill a ladle with a few ice cubes and run it over the top of your soup. The cold temperature will make the fat congeal and stick to the metal of the spoon. Wipe it away afterward with a paper towel.


5. Fight pimples and blackheads

Ice cubes are useful tools to fight against redness, swelling, and unclear skin. Pimples won't completely disappear, but they will get smaller, thus improving your complexion. Wrap one or two ice cubes in a washcloth and hold it on your skin for a minute. If your acne is painful, this will be extra helpful. Not only will your pimples shrink, but the soreness will also lessen dramatically.


6. Remove carpet dents 

This tip mostly works best with long fiber carpets or rugs. Place a few ice cubes on the portion of your carpet that has an unattractive dent and let them melt. Your carpet should return to normal in no time.


7. Shrink pores before applying make-up

Wrap an ice cube in a paper towel or clean washcloth and gently rub it on your face. This works like a primer before applying foundation or powder. It may also improve your complexion by reducing redness and shrinking your pores. This is especially helpful in summer because it simultaneously cools your face off.


8. Remove chewing gum from hair, clothes, or carpet

Did the kids manage to somehow get gum in their hair or clothes? You should place the item of clothing in the sink and cover it in ice cubes. Scratch the gum away with a knife once it is frozen. This also works with gum that has fallen on a rug or carpet: Place an ice cube on the gum and scrape it away as soon as it's frozen.


For gum stuck in hair, things are a little more complex. First, separate the portion of the hair with gum in it and wrap it in a washcloth filled with ice. Hold it there until the gum is frozen. Next, try to break the gum in half and remove it as best you can.

9. Reheat rice

To refresh your rice while reheating it in the microwave, place an ice cube with it in the bowl. All that's left to do is to enjoy!


10. Numb your tongue before taking medicine

Anyone who's taken cough syrup or other liquid medicine knows that awful bitter taste. If you don't want to suffer so much next time, try numbing your taste buds with an ice cube. Hold an ice cube on your tongue for a few seconds before drinking the medicine and you'll barely notice the bad taste.


Which one of these tips do you think is best? Pass these helpful hints onto your friends.




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