7 mistakes we make when charging our phones

There's no question, iPhones are a miracle of technology and design. The endless possibilities contained in this tiny space are astonishing when you stop to think about it.

But as many of us know, phones have a weakness: the battery. As soon as the load capacity of the battery starts to wane, it gets uncomfortable. And they're built into the devices so you can't just exchange them. To get the most out of your iPhone, you should know these seven tricks: 

1. Don't ever charge your phone to 100%

Most people make this mistake: you leave your iPhone charging overnight and feel great starting the next day with 100%. Big mistake. Overcharging, in effect, you're actually ruining the long-term potential of the battery (keyword: memory effect). A better idea is to charge briefly at intervals throughout the day.

2. Don't run the battery out completely

Our lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion) are conceived to have their best performance between 30 and 80%. That means both overloading and running out of battery are damaging. Don't let it happen more than once a month maximum. 


3. Take off the case while charging

Try grabbing the phone and you'll feel it: charging the phone heats it up. That's normal and not a big deal. What's harmful is if the heat can't disperse because your phone is stuck in its case. Definitely take it out while you've got it plugged in.

4. Charge your iPhone even if you're not using it

If you decide to go on a phone-free weekend away, the manufacturer recommends leaving it charged around 50% — NOT full or empty — and in a cool, dark place. 


5. Only use the original charging cable or a replacement from the Apple Store

Sorry to report this, but off-brand cables aren't as inexpensive and appealing as you might think. Avoid charging your phone with a no-name brand cable you picked up on the cheap. The original cable has an integrated overcharge-protector which most of the cheaper ones don't. There've even been fatal accidents related to these off-brand cables. Plus, you lose the manufacturer's guarantee if you use one.  

6. Don't charge your phone next to the heater

Heat is simply the number one battery killer. An iPhone's preferred temperature (according to Apple) is between 60 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. So don't ever leave your phone by the heater or in full sunlight. A cool, shady place is best.


7. Forget wireless charging

The most recent iPhone models offer wireless charging with a special charging device. But this isn't beneficial for your battery's life expectancy so it's smarter to use this option only as an exception. If you're in a pinch and need to, fine, but your phone will overheat and the effect is damaging in the long-run. Stick with the tried and true cable for now!

If you stay on the safe side, you'll be able to hang on to your iPhone much longer. And tell your friends about these tips if they don't know! It could save them the cost of a new phone (or maybe even their life). 




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