Miracle Bag With A Difference — Print Plastic Bags On Textiles

A lot of us have a plastic bag stuffed with other plastic bags, tucked away in a closet somewhere. If we remember to reuse them, fantastic. Or just drop them off at the plastic bag recycling stop — more and more grocery stores have one. But you'd be better off taking the particularly colorful bags out of the heap and saving them, because they can transform into something truly special.

You'll Need:

  • fabric (for example, a cloth tote bag or pillowcase)
  • colorful plastic bags
  • scissors
  • parchment paper
  • ironing board
  • iron

Here's How:

1. Cut a pattern or motif out of the plastic bag, just as you like.

2. Arrange the motif on your chosen fabric.

3. Cover the area with baking parchment.

4. Now iron over the plastic. The heat will cause it to melt and adhere to the fibers of the textile.

5. Then remove the baking parchment slowly and carefully so as not to damage the decal.

6. Textile design has never been so easy — or inexpensive!

No fussing with fabric dye or silkscreens. No searching and paying for pre-made, iron-on decals. You decide the shape, size, and design yourself. Only the rainbow — and your collection of plastic bags — can limit your creativity with this brilliant DIY trick!


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