No need to throw them away: 7 clever ways to save your jeans!

Some people have a love-hate relationship with their jeans. On the one hand, they're usually well-worn and comfortable, but on the other, wear them after a heavy meal and you'll soon be aware of the impending food baby. And then there are the pairs that don't quite fit, or have something wrong with them but that we love too much to throw away, and they're just taking up space at the bottom of the wardrobe. With these seven clever hacks, you'll be able to give those old pairs a whole new lease on life.

1. Broken zipper

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If one side of the zipper seam has come away from the zipper, there is an easy fix. On the side that's pulled loose, use scissors to cut a small section of the zipper teeth away at the bottom. Pull the zipper down to this section and thread the metal teeth back in. Then sew the zip seams together over the section you cut away (if that sounds confusing, there's a video below).

2. Take the hem up

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For jeans which are too long, you can shorten them and still keep the original hem. First of all, turn the legs of the jeans up. The hems should be where you want the pant legs to end once you're done. Pin them down, making sure everything sits okay with the seams. Then sew them in place, taking out the pins as you go. Once you're done, fold the turns up back inside the pant legs. Your jeans will be shorter and you'll still have the nice finish of the original hem. 

3. Undone zipper

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If your zipper keeps coming undone, use a keyring to stop it. Just thread it through the eye at the end of the zipper and then hook the ring over the button in the fastening before putting the button through the buttonhole.

4. Waist gap

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Sometimes your jeans fit everywhere perfectly — except the waist where there's a gap at the back. Fortunately there's a fix that doesn't need a taylor. Inside the waist band, make two cuts just inside the right and left belt loops, but don't cut right through to the outside of the jeans. Get a piece of elastic that is shorter than the distance between the cuts. Pin one end of the elastic in place and then feed the other end through the waistband using a safety pin. When you stitch the elastic in place, it will cause the waistband to gather, getting rid of the gap.

5. Size measurement without trying jeans on

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Want to know if these pants will fit you without trying them on? Not a lot of people know this simple trick. Just put your hand and forearm inside the jeans as shown in the picture above. If the jeans can cover the distance between your elbow and the end of your fist, they should fit around your waist.

6. Ripped jeans

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If you get a tear in your favourite jeans, it doesn't have to be the end. Make some other cuts near the hole and then scratch around them with sandpaper. Wash the jeans, dry them, and you'll have created your very own "ripped jeans."

7. Hard to reach button

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If your jeans have maybe shrunk a little and you can't do up the button at the top of the zipper, a hair tie is your friend. Thread it through the buttonhole, then through itself and pull tight. Then you can hook the resulting loop over the button.

For a recap of all these tips, watch the video:

These hacks are great for solving some of the most common problems we have with our jeans. Hopefully, they can help you too!


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