Reverend creates mobile medical homes for local community

Reverend Ken Dupin is an American doctor and businessman who had a very smart idea. On mission trips overseas, he saw that families had an important role in caring for the elderly and should be an intricate part of the entire process. His experiences with patient care then prompted him to come up with the MedCottage.

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Ken got to work on constructing small and practical houses where people can accommodate older members of their family. Known as "Granny Pods," these mobile medical homes can be temporarily placed on a caregiver's property, allowing elderly people to live near to their family while maintaining their independence.

Up and off to a new home for a dear elderly gentleman!! Home sweet home <3

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These state-of-the-art homes are designed in a way that meets the needs of the elderly. As well as having wheelchair access, each unit is fitted with cameras so that carers can see if the patient needs help. The floor-mounted cameras, known as a FeetSweep, allow the carer to check whether the person has fallen while still providing privacy.

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Each home is also equipped with a defibrillator and a first-aid kit. As with all living spaces, the bathroom is designed with the occupant's needs in mind. Special bars are installed in the shower to prevent any accidents from slipping.

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Each bedroom features an electrically-operated bed with an orthopedic mattress. This is to help elderly people with their movement and reduce the risk of them falling out of bed:

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Everything is tastefully designed with the highest attention to detail. As studies have shown, it's important to be in comfortable surroundings for the sake of your mental wellbeing.

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Ken's eco-friendly "Granny Pods" are relatively easy to transport and can be "installed" just about anywhere, such as in the caregiver's garden. Thanks the Ken's excellent idea, our seniors will be able to keep on living near us and have the support when they need it while maintaining their privacy. It certainly beats living in a nursing home!


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