Schoolboy fulfills dream of building his own mini-house

Though boredom can sometimes help us come up with our best ideas, only a very few people have what it takes to make them reality. Yet a 13-year-old schoolboy from Dubuque, Iowa, has proven that it's worth putting in the hard work to fulfill your dreams.

Most teenagers like to spend their free time playing sports, watching television or sitting at the computer. Luke Thill quickly got bored of these activities during the summer vacation though. Some time ago, he started to become interested in constructing mini-houses. In these projects, DIY enthusiasts attempt to bring everything you need in life under one roof using as little space as possible. Luke was fascinated by the idea of creating your own home using as little material and money as possible. Wanting to try his hand at this hobby, Luke now had to find a way of creating a fully functioning house that would be the envy of his peers.

"When I started, I had no clue how to do it," Luke admitted. It the took the young boy about a year and a half to build his mini-home. To pay for the materials, he mowed lawns and cleared out garages in his neighborhood. Some parts of the house, such as the front door, were given to him by family and friends. Luke was extremely thankful for any help he received — from laying down the cabling to installing the carpets. Otherwise, the schoolboy did everything himself. "It was a chance for a kid to do more than play video games or sports. It teaches life lessons," said Luke's father Greg.

Now complete, the house is 10 feet long and 5 ½ feet wide, complete with glass windows, a sealed roof, and even a mini-garden. The walls feature wooden shingle paneling. Around 75 percent of the materials and furniture Luke used is recycled. When designing the interior, Luke also had plenty of tricks for creating sufficient stowage space. "I want to show kids it's possible to build at this age," said Luke.

This DIY home is every teenager's dream. Apart from a bathroom, it has everything you could ever want — a couch with table, a TV, a kitchen with a refrigerator and cooktop, and an alcove for sleeping.

Luke does his homework in his own little hideaway and often invites friends over. Thinking big, the young Iowan is not stopping there though and already has plans to to build a larger mini-house for when he goes to college. Watch the following video for a tour of Luke's DIY home...

It's amazing what a 13-year-old can do when there's a clear goal in sight! It takes a lot of courage to follow your dreams and some of us older folk could also learn from him. Nice job, Luke!


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