How to transform a piece of wood into a stylish magnetic knife rack

The kitchen tends to be the focal point of any home. We cook there, we eat there, and sometimes we just hang out there and enjoy a good chat.

Because we spend so much time there, it's always good to make the space comfortable and what better way to do that than with some nice accents to the decor. Pictures are great, and a few knick-knacks can cozy things up, but how about trying something a bit more practical? Here's how you can take a nice-looking piece of wood and create a very stylish magnetic knife rack. It's actually a lot easier than it sounds!

Here's an example. Look at those natural wood grains!


Or how about something smaller:


You’ll need : 


Here’s how : 

1. First, drill several rows of holes in the back of the wood.


But be careful, you don’t want to drill through the plank. Here's a tip: mark the depth on the hole saw with a marker or some tape and when you're drilling, stop when you reach that point.


This will also help to keep the holes all the same depth.


2. Once the holes are made, fill them with the magnets.


3. The final step is to screw the hooks into the back of the wooden plank. It's good to put them a bit lower so they won't be seen.


This makes it look like the wooden plank is "floating" in the air. It's a nice touch that's sure to get some compliments.


4. Now let's see if it works. Hold a knife to the other side of the plank and... wow, it really sticks!


All you have to do now is hang your wooden plank wherever you want in your kitchen and put all your knives on it. Not only is your wall nicely decorated, but your drawers will be less cluttered too!

It's not mentioned in the video, but to hold the magnets in place you might want to use some adhesive or tape.

You can watch how it's done in this video:

What a great way to spice up your kitchen decor and keep your knives in a safe place at the same time. And all from a simple piece of wood — amazing!




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