Four ways to put lemons to use in your home

When life gives you lemons… enjoy the high vitamin C content, not to mention its wicked powerful antioxidants. It’s those that appear to be responsible for the tart little fruit’s extraordinary health benefits. They include combatting colds and the flu, helping digestion, and reducing inflammation among others. 

But did you know that lemon is also an effective cleanser? 


Check out these four places around the house where you can use lemon — instead of a toxic, pricey, store-bought cleaning fluid.  

1. Descale your water kettle

Depending on the water where you live, you might be familiar with the problem of a water kettle developing a layer of limescale after months of usage. White vinegar is a common solution, but boy oh boy, the smell is hard to get rid of. 


A better alternative? Lemon slices in the kettle, two thirds filled with water, set to boil. 


Afterwards, your kettle will look like new.

2. Unclog the sink

Short of a clogged toilet, nothing is more unpleasant than a clogged drain.


But if you pour a big dose of baking soda followed by freshly squeezed lemon juice directly into the drain and then wait one hour... 


...the drain will be clear and you can finally use your sink again!

3. Clear grease off a frying pan

After cooking up some bacon or burgers, you might know how hard it can be to get rid of the grease left in the pan. 


To skip the hard part, just cut a slice of lemon, add a teaspoon of salt onto the fruit, and then use it to scrub the pan.


You’ll be amazed how quickly you get it clean after that. 


All you have to do at the end is wipe it down with paper towels.

4. Polish bathroom surfaces, faucets, and shower heads

There’s no simpler way to get bathroom surfaces shining again than rubbing them with half a lemon. It will save you so much elbow grease, not to mention chemical cleaners from the store that stress your skin and damage the environment. 


Watch these four tips performed on video and see for yourself how well they actually work:

Lemon is inexpensive, practical, and good for you — plus it smells wonderful. Don’t wait: try it out and you might even start enjoying housecleaning… (What a thought!)


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