5 clear signals that your life no longer suits you

Do you often get in a bad mood? Does life seem monotonous to you? Are you permanently dissatisfied? This might mean you need to make some changes in your current life. Those who continuously ignore their needs and wishes run the risk of regretting a lot at the end of their lives. 

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Here are five clear warning signs that you need to change your life:

1. You have physical symptoms

Bodies and souls are closely intertwined. If you often have negative thoughts and feelings, this can have an affect on your physical wellbeing. Persistent mental stress can lead to psychosomatic illnesses without there being any real medical cause. Various ailments such as hair loss, heartburn, inflamed joints or accelerated skin aging are the result. If you are already showing physical symptoms or even illnesses that your doctor can't explain, then you should ask yourself whether you are still satisfied with your life.

Answer the following questions in writing. Your honest answers can tell you where the causes of your physical symptoms really lie:

  • What are the biggest stress factors in your life? Who or what is causing these problems?
  • What changes could you make to your life so that you are happier and more satisfied?
  • What can you do to help your body heal? Does it need more exercise, healthier food, physical closeness or relaxation?

2. You need a lot of aknowledgement


Thanks to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat your friends and acquaintances always know what you are doing at all times. The likes and comments give you the affirmation that you are liked and special. When you're with others you brag about your career, success, exciting vacation plans, expensive purchases and other achievements. Ask yourself whether these things really give you the motivation and energy they are supposed to, or are you just doing them to get attention and admiration?

 Here are some questions that will help you establish whether you are actively seeking acknowledgment or not:

  • Is it fun for you to constantly try out new trends or different sports? Or is it just so that you can take a cool photo of yourself doing it and then post it on your social media pages?
  • Could it be that you need the acknowledgment of others to feel good about yourself?
  • Is what you're really interested in actually just reading a book?

If you think you are only undertaking so much because of the recognition you get from others, then you should stop it as soon as possible. Instead, focus on things that really give you pleasure. You should also try increasing your self-esteem so that you are less dependent on other peoples' opinions. 

3. You get jealous often

Being jealous or envious doesn't always have to be a negative thing. If it serves as an incentive to achieve something special, it can even be helpful. However, if you are constantly jealous of other people, it can permanently cloud your mood. If this is the case you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do you even want to have what others have?
  • What do you expect from it?
  • Why do you want to be like other people?

Your answers will probably surprise you. Also remember that money and other possessions most likely won't make you happy in the long-run. You truly cannot buy happiness in this life. But you can find it within yourself. Be conscious of everything you already have and always remember to be thankful for these things in your life. It doesn't matter if it's a loving partner, healthy children or your job — without you realizing it, others are probably in fact jealous of you.

4. You're all booked out


Not only are you fully-booked during the week but you also don't have a spare minute at the weekend. Ask yourself this:

  • Why don't you give yourself a break from time to time?
  • Why do you put yourself under so much pressure to see and do everything?
  • Are you actually afraid you might miss something?

To-do lists often cause stress in everyday life. Even if positive things like shopping or visiting a museum are on your list, you can't really enjoy the activities — largely because the next activity is already waiting. You are therefore, constantly putting yourself under pressure and can't relax properly. Try to free up some time and stop trying to plan your life too much. Leave some room for spontaneity. 

5. You can't wait for the weekend

Ever get Sunday night blues? Your mood changes come Sunday evening because you realize Monday is fast approaching. The rest of the week is spent planning your weekend and looking forward to it. This all too often means that your weekend is completely overloaded and thus even more stressful than your working week itself. Rather than postponing your whole life until the weekend, it's time to make a change. You only live once after all. Your life is far too precious to live only for the weekend and holidays. You can do the following to get more quality out of your life:

  • If your job does not suit you at all, look for a new one.
  • If you can't change jobs for one reason or another, change your attitude: Thanks to your job, you are able to afford a certain lifestyle with the money you earn. Besides which, you have a job — this is not an easy thing to obtain these days.
  • If you don't get on with your colleagues or boss, you should get to the bottom of your issues with them. How can you improve your relations with them?
  • After work, do things on a regular basis that bring you pleasure: meet up with friends, do a yoga class, go to the cinema and so on. That way you free up more time at the weekend and you get to enjoy your daily life all the more.

This life is not forever so make the best of it. Do not shy away from changes that you secretly know would do you good. If you notice warning signals such as the above, it's time to get out of your comfort zone, shake things up a little and make a fresh start. It'll do you the world of good.


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