10 new tricks for desperate parents

Being a parent has got to be one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs out there — it can be tiring, thrilling, shocking, hilarious and so much more. Raising children, of course, has its ups and downs and because there isn't one perfect way to do it, it can often get the better of us. One of the toughest parts is keeping a child entertained and stimulated — this is not only vital for their personal development but also for the parents to be able to take a little time out every now and then. To help all you desperate parents out there, we've come up with 10 tricks to help you achieve this.

1. If your child is learning how to write but is having trouble holding the pen properly, give him or her a piece of crumpled up paper to hold with the ring and little finger. This will ensure the pen is held only with the right fingers, that is until the piece of paper falls down!


2. If your child is going through that discovery phase where everything, including cables, wires and plugs are the most fascinating things around, be on the safe side and secure all these electronic parts in a Tupperware box. Remember to drill a hole in it for the cables to fit through.

3. Children are always losing things at kindergarden or school, which is why you have to label just about everything. Try writing the name of your child on the sole of of their shoes with hot glue. Not only will they be permanently labeled, it will also make the footwear grip better to prevent slipping.


4. An egg carton is great as a pallet. Each color remains in the indentations and can then be mixed on the inside of the lid. What's more is the paintbrushes can be easily inserted into the holes at the top of the cone-shaped peaks. 

5. If you find you run out of paint because the egg carton idea was so amazing, you could make your own homemade paints from shaving foam and a few drops of food coloring. The added advantage here is that the shaving foam is easier to wash off.

6. While we're on the subject of painting, if you want to let your child run-a-muck, you could stick him or her in the bathtub with as little on as possible and let the little artist release some creative energy. It is great fun for the kid and their "masterpiece" can be easily washed away afterwards. Just make sure the temperature in the bathroom is warm enough for them to carry out this activity.

7. If the baby bathtub is too small and the main bathtub too big, try placing your child in a laundry basket within the bathtub. The added advantage here is that the toys don't float away and are always in reach.


8. Children are intrigued by just about anything and everything, especially with all the objects an adult world has to offer. Attach some everyday items to a board so that your child can extensively explore, touch and play with all these weird and wonderful items — all on the one activity board.


9. You can make your very own ball pit, even if space is an issue in your apartment, simply by filling a laundry basket with a few balls. 

10. To prevent the wheels of your stroller from dirtying the carpet in the hallway after being out in the rain or snow, just cover them with shower caps. 


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With these tips, your child will get the extra entertainment and stimulation you've been seeking for them. It might make your life a little easier in the process too!


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