Sixteen less common ways to use a lint roller

Some use one multiple times per day, some think they're useless, but pet owners know how important they are: lint rollers. No matter how thick the layers of pet hair are, roll a lint roller over your clothes and you'll be good to go. But if you're only using this tool in the traditional way, you're missing out, because there are so many more possibilities.

Pet care

A practical massage: try giving Fido or Kitty a once over with a lint roller. Not only will it remove excess hair that would otherwise end up all over your furniture, it may also trap fleas or ticks that haven't properly latched on yet. Caution: check the stickiness beforehand! You could hurt your pet if the adhesive is too strong.

Collect broken glass

Even if you've swept away all of the largest pieces, tiny shards often remain after breaking a piece of glass. You can go over the area afterwards with a lint roller to collect any tiny pieces. Make sure to toss the sticky layer immediately to avoid any injuries.

Gebroken Glas

Lamp shades

Cloth lamp shades often get coated with layers of dust over time. Ever try to just wipe it off? It's impossible! Lint roller to the rescue.


Clean your drawer

The excess dirt that always seems to appear when you clean out your odds and ends drawer is easy to clear away with a lint roller. The same goes for other cabinets and drawers as well.


Clean your purse

Unfortunately, leather bags can't really be washed or turned inside out, but fear not, a lint roller will do the trick.

American Angel Black Leather Bag

Clean upholstery

Dust, loose dirt, and other fuzz on the surface of your upholstered furniture are no match for lint rollers. If things are really deep in there, you may need to turn to your vacuum instead. This is especially important for people with dust allergies.



Head & Shoulders isn't your only option: A miniature lint roller can also help rid dandruff from your clothes! Keep one in your purse or desk and you'll never have to worry about fruitlessly trying to wipe dandruff away again.

Get rid of crumbs

Don't have a broom handy? Use your lint roller to clean the floor instead. Nice side effect: even the smallest bits and pieces that are usually missed by brooms won't escape the lint roller.

Day 97: Petrified


It may sound a bit strange, but this really works. Roll a lint roller over your peeling skin it will remove just the dead, burned skin!

peel the burn

Tidy up glitter

You swear you only used glitter once, but you've been finding it EVERYWHERE for weeks. Sounds like you need a lint roller; it even works on skin if necessary.


Post haircut

You've got a great new 'do, but those tiny bits of cut hair keep tickling your face and driving you crazy. Thankfully, a lint roller will have them gone in no time at all.


Fresh bedding

We all lose strands of hair when rolling around in our beds at night. Give your sheets and pillow cases a roll with a lint roller and they'll be fresh and hair-free.



Instead of wearing yourself out chasing spiders and bugs out of the house, grab them with a lint roller. They'll be stuck there and unable to escape. There is also a more bug-friendly way to capture insects.

Bug on the Side of our House

Clean your walls

Walls need cleaning every once and awhile. Dust and dirt love the little nooks and crannies that textured walls provide.

Selbstportrait auf Raufaser

Car care

Those hard-to-reach places all over the car are well served by lint rollers. Seats, glove compartment, floor — a roller will get the job done.

Car Inside


Last, but not least, lint rollers make the best dusters. They pick up everything on the first pass over the surface!


Lint Roller With Cat Hair

It's also good to know that there are reusable lint rollers out there if you are concerned about creating too much waste. These are covered with some kind of sticky rubber that lasts forever. And don't worry, if you can't find your lint roller, or don't have one, you can simply wrap your hand in some tape and do the job just fine.


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