How to build a loft bed out of pipes

Many children dream of having a loft bunk, but they're not the only ones — many adults like the idea too. This was the case for Louis from Berlin, Germany, who decided to create a very special sleeping arrangement in his new apartment. No store-bought beds for this guy! Louis had an idea which blossomed into a design and then became reality.

The first step was to prepare the wood that would become the slatted frame to hold the mattress. The wood was varnished and sanded smooth.

Then Louis went to the local building center and came back with a huge load of steel pipes in various lengths — 20 pipes in total weighing around 170 lbs! Louis had ordered them cut into the various lengths he needed for his project.

Using various "elbow fittings" Louis constructed the steel pipe frame to fit perfectly into the small space in his bedroom.

You can see that he used every last inch! To protect the sensitive wood flooring, he put felt pads underneath the bed legs.

The next step was to construct a second steel pipe frame just under the ceiling. This made the bed more stable and would later be covered with a cloth canopy to give it a nice finished look.

The varnished wood was then screwed together to make a mattress frame. This took almost no time at all using a power screwdriver.

A few steps later, the loft canopy bed was finished. A big roll of cloth to cover the frame added a nice finishing touch.

Then he added a few more finishing touches like this reading lamp with a matching industrial look...

...and a container shelf (actually a repurposed baking form) to hold books, a phone, a glass of water... you name it!

And a really big plus: there's plenty of room under the bed to store stuff — Louis even parks his bike there!

A very clever design that kills three birds with one stone — Louis fulfilled a childhood dream, created a really cool and unique sleeping area and made some extra storage space!

Nice job, Louis!




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