13 reasons to keep magic sponges in your home

When you wander through the supermarket aisles, you'll notice that there seems to be a cleaning product for almost every situation. Many of them claim to work wonders, but in my experience there is really only one that has managed to live up to that claim: magic sponges! These amazing household helpers may not look like much, but oh boy do they get the job done. Here are 13 pesky problems that magic sponges will help you take care of in a jiffy...

1. Stovetops

Burned on food and water stains can be really tough to get rid of. But with a magic sponge and a bit of elbow grease, they'll be a thing of the past!

2. Glue from stickers

When you remove stickers, you're often left with some glue residue that is tough to get rid of. A bit of scrubbing with a magic sponge makes this job easy.

3. Soles of shoes

Are the white soles of your shoes looking a bit grubby? Simply rub them with a magic sponge to get back that gleaming white look.

4. Burned pots and pans

When we burn something in a pot or pan, that charcoal-like residue can be almost impossible to get off. Magic sponges are a great "secret weapon" for getting those pots and pans clean again.

5. Clothing iron

Irons can get stained with all sorts of chemicals that come from laundry detergents, but with a magic sponge you can get your iron back to its original shine. This also works for hair curling irons. 

6. Walls and doors

It's hard to know where they come from, but most walls and doors end up with scuffs and stains at some point. These can be really hard to get off with normal cleaners, but magic sponges make it easy. You can use them on wallpaper too, just don't rub too hard.

7. Plastic containers

Some foods leave a residue on plastic containers that is almost impossible to get off with normal dishwashing detergent. In this case, use a magic sponge instead and say goodbye to those food stains!

8. Plastic window frames

Some modern windows have plastic frames. They're really practical, but the white ones can get really dirty after a while. Magic sponges are the best way to return them to their original clean white condition.

9. Technical devices

Keyboards, computers, remote controls: all of these things can end up looking grubby after a while. One of the main advantages of magic sponges is that they're dry, so you can use them on things that should never get damp. They'll get rid of all those nasty fingerprints in no time!

10. Permanent marker

Sometimes markers end up marking things they weren't meant to. Permanent markers usually live up to their name and the ink can be almost impossible to remove. But on many surfaces, magic sponges will achieve the impossible and get rid of that ink with a bit of scrubbing.

 11. Ovens and microwaves

Cleaning the oven or the microwave is high on the list of most people's least favorite chores. Getting off baked on food can sometimes seem impossible, but magic sponges can change all that. They work wonders on all parts of the oven, including the glass door.

12. Toilets

Depending on the type of water you have in your area, stains in the toilet bowl can be really tough to deal with. Hard water can lead to limescale buildup that only a magic sponge can get rid of.

13. Limescale

If you have hard water, limescale can be a constant problem. It builds up on every surface that has frequent contact with water and can be nearly impossible to get off. But with a magic sponge, that limescale won't stand a chance!

For normal cleaning you can dampen your magic sponge and use it just like a normal sponge. But you can also use it dry on things that shouldn't get wet, like remote controls and other technical devices. However you use it, you'll notice that it truly does work wonders. With magic sponges around, that dirt and grime doesn't stand a chance!


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