DIY Christmas House Advent Calendar

It's nearly Christmas! And of all the beloved pre-Christmas traditions, having an advent calendar is one of the most important. You can easily make one yourself and fill it with all your favorite candies!

You'll Need:

  • 24 toilet paper rolls
  • hot glue gun
  • cardboard
  • polyester fiber
  • paper & printer

Here's How:

First print out the numbers 1 to 24 in six rows on a sheet of letter paper.

On the back of the paper, glue an upright toilet paper roll over every number.

Cut out the numbers with the toilet rolls attached.

Cut away the corners of the paper, so that the edges are flush with the cardboard tubes.

Fill every tube with candy.

Cut three pieces of card as follows.

The first piece should be the size of a sheet of letter paper. Stick the tubes of candy to the card in six rows.

Make the roof from the other two pieces of card. The width of the larger piece should be equal to the length of one toilet paper roll, and you should be able to fit four rolls next to each other in the opening of the triangle.

To make the roof, first fold the larger piece of card in half. Next, stick the cardboard triangle into the fold.

Cut the bottom off the last toilet roll at an angle. Stuff some polyester fiber in the top and then stick it to the roof as a chimney.

Stick the roof on top of the top row of toilet paper rolls.

Of course, you can also paint your Advent calendar in bright colors and arrange the numbers differently. However you do it, for every day from December 1st until Christmas Eve, you can tear open one of the paper rolls and devour its sugary contents! Happy Advent!



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