Transform A Mandarin Orange Peel Into A Decorative Lantern

Winter is on the way and that means it's time to enjoy some delicious mandarin oranges. This vitamin-rich citrus fruit makes a healthy snack and when it starts appearing in grocery stores, you know that Christmas is just around the corner. It's always a pleasure to see kids grabbing for these sweet treats instead of the usual sugary candies that are found in their stockings. And now you can peak their interest even more with this very simple trick of transforming a mandarin orange peel into a cute little candle.

You'll Need:

  • mandarin orange or clementine
  • knife
  • ballpoint pen
  • olive oil
  • match or lighter

Here's How:

1. Use the pen to draw a line around the middle of the mandarin. Try using a book of the right thickness to support the pen, and keep the line straight.

2. Now carefully cut the mandarin peel along this line.

3. Peel the orange carefully to keep both halves of the peel intact. You may need to use a spoon if the peel isn't loose enough.

4. Fill the bottom half with olive oil and make sure to soak the bit of white stalk that sticks up in the middle. This will act as the candle's wick.

5. Now cut a star-shaped air vent in the upper half. This will keep the flame lit and looks nice too.

6. All that's left is to strike the match and light up the wick.

7. And there you have it! A cute little decorative lantern to warm up your winter nights.

You can watch the whole process in more detail in this video:

Quite amazing to think that with a little bit of effort, we can make a fantastic holiday decoration with something we normally throw away. Try it out for yourself and add a sweet citrus smell to your home this Christmas season!


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