How to use crafting glue for the perfect manicure

It may only be a childhood memory for most of us: after a fun arts and crafts session involving cutting and pasting, it was time to get all that dried, sticky glue off our fingers. As grownups, we're rarely confronted with this situation. But what many don't know is that this kind of childish messiness can actually be a very useful trick. That's because crafting glue is actually the secret ingredient for the perfect manicure!

Here's how it works:

First make sure that your fingernails are clean. If they are, you can start applying the glue around the edges of your fingernails, but not on the nails themselves.


Once you've coated the edges of the fingernails with glue, let it dry for a few minutes.


When the glue is dry, you can start applying the nail polish.


Now it doesn't matter if you aren't that precise with the nail polish, so just splash it on until you have a good coat.


Thanks to that handy coat of glue, all the polish that ends up somewhere other than your fingernail can simply be peeled off with the glue.


This trick is particularly useful when you want to put nail polish on the fingers of your dominant hand. For example, as a right-handed person you have to use your left hand to put the nail polish on your dominant hand. Most people find it difficult to perform detailed, precise tasks with their "other" hand, but with this glue technique it doesn't matter if you don't apply the polish perfectly.


You can watch the procedure in this video. The important thing is to make sure you're using a non-toxic glue. To be sure, you can order the type used in the video here.

And if enough women start using this handy trick, who knows what will happen? Maybe we'll start finding crafting glue on the shelves of cosmetics sections!




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