11 problems you can clear up with WD-40 spray

If you've never heard of WD-40, you ain't from around here, as they say.

In some parts of the country, it's a well-known fact of life that there's no problem that can't be fixed by either duct tape or the "miracle spray" WD-40. From the very basic greasing of squeaky door hinges to cleaning all the parts of an electric shaver, it's always a good idea to have a can or two to hand. While the brand itself advertises over 2,000 uses, here is just a small sample to get you started...

1. Stain remover

Consider those tiresome spots on your living room carpet or hall rug. Spray them well and then scrub them with a clean towel, rubbing the discoloration right off the fibers. If it doesn't all come off the first time, repeat the process a couple of more times until it's gone.

YouTube/WOL - World of Lifehacks

2. Chasing off pigeons

If you live in a city, you may have a pigeon problem. Soon to be solved: find the spots where your local "rats of the air" like to hang out and moisten them with the spray. The unwanted fowl hate the smell, so they'll fly off and leave you in peace.


3. Waterproofing shoes

Cover your shoes with WD-40 and rub the oil into the material to make them water-resistant. (This method obviously only works for shoes with a smooth surface! Don't ruin your suede loafers or best sneakers by trying to waterproof them.)

YouTube/WOL - World of Lifehacks

4. Removing stickers or tape

We all have a kitchen surface, bookshelf, or container around the house that someone (who shall remain nameless) taped something to or slapped a sticker on (when he was six). Well you finally have a way to get off the last, irritating, clinging remains.

Spray WD-40 onto the affected area and leave it for five minutes. Then come back and rub it off with a sponge. Done.


5. Frost protection spray

Spray your windshields and then spread the spray evenly across the glass. Snow and frost will simply slide down off your car instead of forming the usual hard-to-remove crust we spend our early winter mornings struggling with.


6. Avoiding chalky water stains

Depending on the water where you live, your glass shower doors may tend to develop a depressing, grey layer of lime or calcium stains. But if you spray them with WD-40, wiping away any excess oil, the water will simply run off leaving no drops or puddles, and therefore no more chalky, grey stains!


7. Pliable scissors

Wear and tear can lead over time to scissors cutting less smoothly and even jamming up altogether. To get them working well again, spray some miracle oil onto the joint. After you give the scissor handles a couple of squeezes they'll be ready to go and cutting like new.


8. Erasing wall scribblings

You look away for 30 seconds and a little rascal has expressed her inner Picasso all over the wall. Here too, WD-40 can help: spray some on a clean cloth and scrub the drawings off the wall. But take care only to use the spray on a gloss or laminated wall, not on a painted or wall-papered wall where it can leave oil stains behind.


9. Taking off a stuck ring

When a ring gets stuck on your finger, don't get out a saw or high-powered cable cutter quite yet. Try a spritz from the blue bottle first, under and over the ring. Then move the ring gently up and down your finger until it slides right off.

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10. Removing old gum

A piece of gum that got dropped on the carpet and stepped on can be the bane of a good housekeeper's existence. Whether on the ground, the couch, or even in your hair, WD-40 is excellent at unsticking gum: spray the piece well and then pull it off with a clean cloth. Repeat the procedure until all the remains are gone. Don't worry about spraying it in your hair either. The main ingredient is fish oil, which isn't the least bit harmful.

YouTube/WOL - World of Lifehacks

11. Unfreezing car locks

Spray WD-40 into your car lock to prevent it from freezing overnight. It keeps water from getting in there and clogging up the mechanism when it turns to ice.

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And those are just some of the endless possible applications of this stuff. It's like a Swiss Army knife; you'll always be glad you bought it, particularly in a pinch. You don't know when you'll need it, but you'll be so glad it's there when you do.


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