20 bizarre modes of transport from all over the world

It is quite remarkable what some people attempt to transport and the mode of transport they choose to do it with. While some of the following 20 pictures will impress you with their resourcefulness, others will certainly make you cringe with fear for their safety.

1. Rule number one: always load a vehicle so that the weight is evenly distributed.


2. Never go to a jeans sale on a motorbike.


3. She probably pictured things a bit differently when he told her: "Hold on tight, I'm taking you for the ride of your life, baby!"


4. He's definitely found the right balance.

5. Unconventional but at least it's kind of crash proof with all that padding!


6. Family bike tours are just so much fun!


7. Cattle transportation just that bit different. 


8. A weekend trip to the parents-in-law. Aren't they forgetting something?

9. This is how you lie down and go to bed.


10. A motorbike perfectly suitable for an entire family.


11. He better slow down when cornering!


12. Transporting eggs is a delicate matter.

13. A brick layer couldn't have done a better job here.


14. He was too impatient to wait until he got home to assemble his shelves.


15. Like a tin of sardines — understatement of the year!


16. Taking the time to lean back and enjoy the scenery, even if it is on a motorbike!

17. Even scooters can come in handy when transporting bulky objects.


18. Is it an Indian SWAT team or a group of acrobats? It's hard to tell.


19. He realised it was too heavily loaded when he couldn't even sit on the bike anymore.


20. Sure, why not?!

So the lesson learned here: next time you move homes, forget renting a truck or getting a removal firm involved, you'll easily manage with a motorbike or scooter. It'll be cheaper and much more of a thrill!


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