6 Spooky DIY Decorating Tips & Costume Ideas For Your Halloween Party

Some people think Halloween is a holiday that can only be enjoyed by children, but there's so much more to this spooky day than just trick-or-treating! If you want to relive the spirit of Halloween but have long outgrown the tradition of going door-to-door and asking for candy – or if you just want to avoid having to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids – go ahead and throw your own Halloween party! Here are 6 great decoration and costume ideas to help you set that eerie vibe you're going for.

1. Ornamental Extremities

You'll need:

  • Barbie doll
  • eye bolts
  • jump rings
  • earring hooks
  • red paint
  • box cutter
  • sewing needle

Here's how:

1.1 Cut off the doll's hands and feet with a box cutter.

1.2 Screw the eye bolt into the flat surface on the hands and feet.

1.3 Attach the earring hooks to the eye bolt by hooking the jump ring to the eye of the eye bolt.

1.4 Immediately hang the earring hook on the jump ring and close it again.

1.5 Paint the areas near the cut surfaces with red paint.

1.6 And... done! Give these stylish and clever earrings a hand!

1.7 If bloody limbs aren't morbid enough for you, you can also make earrings from the face of the doll. First decapitate the doll and cut the front of her face off.

1.8 Cut the face in half lengthwise.

1.9 Pierce the face halves with a sewing needle just above the eye.

1.10 Guide the earring bender ring through the hole in the head and attach the earring hook to it.

1.11 Now you have the perfect earrings for your Halloween party. Feel free to dangle whichever other doll body parts you want from your earlobes.

2. Bloody Remnants

You'll need:

  • hot glue
  • ribbon
  • red paint
  • parchment paper

Here's how:

2.1 Draw a line of hot glue on parchment paper in the pattern shown below. Let it dry and harden.

2.2 Remove the hot glue line from the parchment paper and glue a piece of ribbon to the end of each side.

2.3 Paint the front side of the dried hot glue line red.

2.4 Now it looks like Jack the Ripper himself chose you as his victim!

3. Ghostly Lights

You'll need:

  • ping pong balls
  • gauze
  • fairy lights
  • découpage glue
  • felt-tip pen

Here's how:

3.1 Use a screwdriver to poke a hole in the bottom of each ping pong ball.

3.2 Spread découpage glue over the entire ping pong ball and cover it with gauze, making sure to leave the hole at the bottom uncovered. Spread more découpage glue over the top, cover it with another layer of gauze, spread another layer of découpage glue over the top, and let dry.

3.3 After the glue has dried, draw a face on the ghost.

3.4 Finally, stick one lightbulb in the hole of each ghost ball.

3.5 How many ghost lights you want to make is entirely up to you!

4. Frozen Hands

Fill a rubber glove with water and stick it in the freezer. Then you just have to separate the glove from the ice with a knife.

Your ice hands will look spooktacular in big bowl of blood-red fruit punch!

5. Spooky Decoration

You'll need:

  • gauze
  • craft glue
  • water
  • 3 balloons
  • 3 rods
  • flower pot
  • duct tape

Here's how:

5.1 Build the following structure with the flower pot, rods, duct tape, and balloons.

5.2 Dilute the craft glue with water and immerse the gauze in the mixture.

5.2 Hang two wet gauze sheets over the balloons: the first over the middle balloon, the second over all three balloons.

5.3 After the glue has dried, glue two cardboard eyes to the ghost face.

5.4 Use a needle to pop the center balloon and gently remove the ghost from the structure.

6. Bloody Candle

For this you will need one white candle and one red candle. Light the red candle and hold it over the white candle so red candle wax can drip over the top and down the sides of the white candle, just like dripping blood. Creepy!

Now you're all ready to kick your Halloween party into high gear. In case you want to get a hype going in the days leading up to the event, go ahead and try out this scary Halloween prank on your family, friends, and coworkers – it should definitely help them get in the mood for your magical gathering.


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