Turn An IKEA Table Into A Sparkly Mosaic With Old CDs

It's as much a part of the shopping experience at IKEA as Swedish meatballs at the cafeteria and the children's play area Småland: The popular bestseller LACK, a practical side table that the furniture store sells for $9.99. At IKEA, you can always find it in a new color. Hobbyists have come up with many different ways to rebuild it and add new functions and designs. This little table can now be found in many homes where people often turn it into a one-of-a-kind piece. Here is another chic and simple idea for making a true gem out of LACK!

It looks great and hardly requires any material. And the best part about it? You'll get rid of a couple of your old CDs in the process. You can also stick CD shards onto all kinds of surfaces — for example, on your dresser or on postcards. If you like, you can fill in the table space between the pieces of CD with sealant, to get a more even and elegant look. This small side table can also be transformed into a plant bowl. For instructions on how to do it, check here


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