Make Your Next Move Less Stressful & More Efficient With These Clever Moving Tips

Moving is definitely in the same category as doing your taxes or cleaning the toilet: you don't feel like doing it but at some point you have to and there's no way around it. These tips may help you save some time (and nerves) during your next move. Why do things the hard way?

Moving Boxes


A standard moving box always has grips. But if you wind up having to use more conventional cardboard boxes, then you can add your own grips by making slits with a box cutter. Don't overfill the boxes though — you still need room inside to put your hand through the slit.

Drawer Handles


To protect your furniture from getting damaged, you should unscrew all handles and turn them around so that they face inward. This will prevent them from damaging other items while you're moving. 

Open Drawers


Now just seal the drawer shut with a piece of tape. A small part of tape should be left hanging out so you can open the drawer later.

Save Space


To transport your possessions in a space-saving manner, fill up the drawers of your dressers, sideboards and other pieces of furniture with storage space. This means you won't need as many moving boxes. Just don't fill up a large wardrobe, because otherwise it will be too heavy to carry.

The Doors Stay Closed!


Whoever has had to carry a wardrobe down five flights of stairs knows how annoying it is when the drawers keep flying out and getting scraped in the process. You can prevent this from happening by wrapping your drawers with plastic wrap.

Cable Clutter


Before you forget how to connect your stereo system or your computer, take a photo of the cable arrangement. You'll be able to use this image as a guide when you set them up in your new home. 

Meter Reading


The same idea holds true for your electricity meter. You can forward the photo directly to your utility company and at the same time you'll have proof of the correct values. To date the photo, you can hold up a copy of a newspaper from the same day.



Collect all loose parts (screws, etc.) in labeled sealable plastic bags. This way you definitely won't mix up the screws for your bed with those for your wardrobe.

Mark Your Boxes


Mark your boxes with color stickers in order to determine where it belongs within a matter of seconds. Attach the stickers everywhere at the same spot so that you don't have to go search for them. Of course, you'll need to write down what exactly is inside each box separately.



Pull a large trash bag over your clothes. At the top, you tie it up in such a way that the hook on the hanger still peeks out. This allows you to hang up your clothes quickly in your new home.

Careful, Fragile!


Instead of collecting old newspaper for weeks on end, wrap glasses and fragile valuables in towels. You'll no longer have ink rubbing off on your fingers. This also saves space and provides better protection.

Rattling Plates


Lay a paper plate between each porcelain plate. This will stop them from rattling and scraping against each other during transportation.

Save The Best For Last


Everything you need to have easy access to belongs in a separate container. This way you won't have to go on a desperate hunt for your tools, coffee machine, and fresh socks tomorrow.

Watch the following video to see these clever tricks in action:

These tips may not quite take all the work out of moving, but they can make it easier on your nerves, prevent damage, and make things easier to find later on. Prior to a move, there's always a lot to consider, but now hopefully the process will be just a bit easier for you.


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