Six clever nail polish tricks you need to know

If you're someone who likes an extra bit of color on your digits, you'll know how frustrating it can be to paint your nails. While the final results look great, it's not always a straightforward process. As you'll see, slow drying polish is not the only bugbear that can stand in the way of nail perfection.

That's why we've come up with some quick and simple solutions you can use when you're next painting your nails. Take a look for yourself...


1. I'm out of nail polish!

We've all been there. You've started painting your nails before a night on the town, but you soon discover that you're almost out of nail polish. Don't panic! You can rescue the situation if you have a lipstick that's a similar color to hand. Simply use a lip makeup brush to apply color from the lipstick onto your nails.

You can now lock in the color by adding a coat of clear nail polish on top. Fantastic!


2. I'm out of nail polish remover!

The worn-out polish on your nails needs to go, but there's not a single drop of remover left in the house. Don't worry — we have simple solution straight from the kitchen. Mix lemon juice with vinegar and drizzle the solution on a cotton pad. What a super replacement for store-bought nail polish remover!


3. The polish isn't drying...

Yep. We're all rather tired of having to wait for what seems like an eternity for the nail polish to dry. Sometimes, we even accidentally smudge the finish when we think the polish has dried. How irritating! However, there are some simple solutions to this annoying problem. 

One fairly unusual trick uses cooking spray — a spray derived from plants that can be used to make sure nothing sticks to cookware. If you spray your nails right after painting them (make sure to put some kitchen roll down first), the polish will be dry in no time.


If you don't have any cooking spray, briefly put your nails in cold water. That should be just as effective.

4. Oh no, broken nail!

This mishap often occurs when you have longer nails. A tea bag and scissors may be able to come to your rescue though. Simply cut a small corner from the tea bag and place it at the spot where the nail is torn. Apply some liquid adhesive and leave it to sit for a short while. Before the glue has dried, remove the piece of tea bag and paint your nails as you normally would.


5. The nail polish bottle has spilled...

As annoying as spilled nail polish bottles are, there's no need to panic — we have just the solution. Simply sprinkle sugar on the spillage and leave it for 10 minutes. The sugar should soak up the nail polish, and the whole lot can be swept away.


6. Polish stains around the nails...

This often happens to the clumsier ones among us: instead of painting our nails, we've managed to get polish on the skin all around them. You can avoid this problem if you have some craft glue to hand. Simply apply the glue around your nails before polishing them, and pull it off once you're done. 


See how these tricks are done by watching the following video:


Nail Your Manicure Every Time With These 6 Hacks!

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Now you can enjoy painting your nails without the frustration that can sometimes come with it. Happy painting!


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